Monday, June 2, 2008

'Cause i haven't posted any riot grrrls for awhile

(fan video--has the original recorded track, listen for the song, what? You still think it sounds like it was recorded in a well? Quityerbitchin'.)

Actual Bikini Kill in concert--sound quality somewhat less? more? than horrific, but still awesome. Which reminds me, dear readers, any adjectives, hmmm?

That girl she thinks she's the queen of the neighborhood.
she's got the hottest trike in town.

Rebel Girl.

When she talks, I hear the revolution,

I think I want to take you home
I want to try on your clothes.

Kathleen Hanna in all her Bikini Kill Glory.

The rather absurdly emo boy (6 4 155 lbs, low cut girls jeans too small tshirt black rooster hair) at the local video store played this song once. He's not there anymore. I still mourn his passing.

Ps. I consider this a cure for, uh,

Barbie? Pop culture in its various forms? Though for the full vaccination, the Ramones should also be involved.


BillLee said...

In the future;
we will all be emo, imo.

djinn said...

Ahhh, you've been in my neighborhood.....

djinn said...

Or perhaps Emu, Imu (flightless bipeds, but with feathers)