Sunday, December 6, 2009

Return of the Grievous Angel

I've been looking for some Gram Parsons--singer, songwriter, beauty, trust fund screw-up, poet, dead at 26--to put on the blog, but footage of the man is nigh unto impossible to find. However, here's one of my favorite songs of his in that youtube format where they give you a slide show. Can you spot Anita Pallenberg and Keith Richards? How about Emmylou Harris?

During my Youtube search, I found this stunning re-interpreted version by Evan Dando. I've gotta reevaluate him as a singer. Take a listen.

Here's my next-favorite song, sung by Ryan Adams and Emmylou Harris (she did the original harmonies.) Poor Ryan isn't quite the country singer Gram was, but the song is still a delight.

20,000 roads I went down, down down.
They all lead me straight home to you.

I saw my devil, and I saw my deep blue sea,
and I thought about a calico bonnet
From Cheyenne to Tennessee.

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geebee said...

Gram taught the Rolling Stones everything they know about twang. There would be no Jayhawks without him - or the Eagles. OK, two out of three... RSVP Cecil Ingram Connor III.