Saturday, December 12, 2009

Have a Jimi Christmas

I have often thought there was something inherently evil about the song "The Little Drummer Boy" because of the intense desire I have had for years to make my excuses and exit, stage left, as soon as I heard it playing. Heck, the fear of Christmas music is enough to keep me out of most stores for the entire month of December. But, now, I'm having to reevaluate. Jimi Hendrix (yes, that Jimi Hendrix) played a medley  of Christmas Carols -- including my bete noir -- for a Christmas show back sometime in those wacky 60's. Listen, and think longingly of these versions when you unexpectedly encounter "O Holy Night" at a particular vulnerable time.

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Unknown said...

Love the music share for the holiday! Merry Merry (Did you bake yet :)?)