Monday, May 3, 2010

Peak oil, it's not just a floor wax, a dessert topping, or a scare tactic.

It is the truth.  Our economy is predicated on cheap oil.  Our whole economy. That's why we have this brief time to be fat--a positive word for pretty much the entire history of language .   Fertilizers are petroleum derivatives.   Plowing cheap fertilizer (using cheap gas to run the tractors) into tons of land in the midwest.  Cheap gas moves the food from whence it came to your family grocery store.  Where you get to eat it!

I have a bit of anthropological training.  Looking at skeletons, you can determine the weight of the human. Hint, up until about the late 1930's we spent our lives hungry.  For most of European history, everyone lived through (or  didn't make it) a famine year or two, when there was simply no food to be had.

American production of oil peaked in in the 1970's.  It looks like Saudi oil is peaking earlier than thought.  

We have  more humans on the planet  than can be supported  by significantly lower yields of oil.

Sorry to be, like, a total bummer, but there it is.  Hoping for suggestions for the future

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C. L. Hanson said...

It's depressing to think about it, and it's even more depressing to note how little people are doing to re-fit and re-orient our society to prepare for the situation.