Monday, May 17, 2010

I can't get any satisfaction.

I just heard, on NPR, someone loosely referred to as a "music critic" mention that Otis Redding's version of the Rolling Stones' song "Satisfaction was OK", even though he got some of the words wrong.

What is the matter with that man, let alone that station?  Have they actually listened to the song in question?    Did they do any research about the respective versions?  Who cares about the specific words anyway?   Keith has long let it be known that Otis got it  right and that the song was meant to be played with horns (as in Otis Redding's version.)  Rod Wood indicated in 2003 that the Stones are now using an arrangement much closer to Otis Redding's version.  So, Otis got it right.  Really, really right.

Fun fact:
Keith Richards was staying at the Fort Harrison Hotel (known at the time as the Jack Tar Harrison Hotel) when he rolled out of bed with the idea for this. The hotel still exists. In 1975, it was bought by the Church of Scientology and frequently hosts religious retreats. (thanks, Jack Russell - clearwater, FL)  From here.  

The late, great Otis Redding.  I dare you to say anything is wrong with this song.   


Unknown said...

His interpretation of this song is his own, a hybrid of his style and the Stone's song and I agree with you - Ottis Redding's version is definitely not a mistake - It's a classic that reflects the cross pollination of music styles that would create paths for Rock & Roll. Thanks for sharing!

djinn said...

Thanks, Simone.

Teresa said...

I think it depends on what kind of mood you're in. They're both great. Thanks for posting.