Monday, May 10, 2010

Go read a book, it's good for your back.

When I was in law school, I suffered from that exceptionally common ailment, lower back pain.  There was a lovely gym with all sorts of brand new equipment with exciting names waiting for me to try it out, so I systematically gave pretty much every device a shot, from the rowing machines to the ellipical something or others.  Nothing worked.  My back still ached.  And ached.

Finally, one day, I said, "Enough!" and stopped with the exercise at the gym, though I did walk a fair amount, as it was unavoidable.  Bingo!  Back pain gone!

My single sample has now been proven scientifically.  Exercise does not help lower back pain.  Read about it here.


Unknown said...

What about yoga? (sorry didn't read link yet...)

djinn said...

NIce to see you Simone! Yoga's probably fine; the article says that back exercises don't help back pain. Just don't do back exercises. Hee hee.