Friday, August 28, 2009

Fearmongering Blather

What's really "scary" is that Beck has as many viewers as he does. How many are watching to laugh, as opposed to falling for his nonsense?

Check out Beck's spelling in this clip, and take note of the utter vacuousness of his commentary.

I hope Beck continues to lose advertising sponsors-----he has lost plenty since accusing Obama of being a racist.


djinn said...

Oligarhy -- Ha ha ha ha ha! It would be so amusing if he didn't have around 8 million viewers.

kerfuffler said...

.....who can't spell and have no idea what an oligarchy is!

I think the fact that licenses are granted to stations to broadcast means that there is an attendant editorial responsibility. Fearmongering on this scale should have no place in our media.

djinn said...

Oh, herfuffler, editorial responsibility is soooo 20th century.