Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another Day, Another Lying Republican

Now Steele joins the procession of Republicans using scare tactics and outright lies to smother healthcare reform. Frankly I have misgivings about the implementation of a European style healthcare system here only because I suspect that we would bungle it. (I agree that their programs are much better than ours.) But I don't want the American initiative to be torpedoed over a bunch of lies. I want the kind of honest debate that would spur the development of a system that could work here.

Watch Steele claim that veterans here are given pamphlets encouraging them to commit suicide. Why don't republicans seem to care that their leaders are such brazen liars? The pamphlet to which he refers makes it clear that suicide is illegal in this country, and encourages the readers to make clear what their choices would be in a variety of different circumstances-----one of the options presented was even to have one's clergyman contacted to make sure what choices were consistent with one's religious principles.

Now that there are machines that can keep people alive fairly indefinitely, it is important for people to understand how to make their wishes for end-of-life care known. Having doctors discuss these issues with patients helps people to control their own situations; labeling them 'death panels' is a dishonest misrepresentation.

If the White House were to support an initiative to help Americans lose weight, no doubt the Right would describe it as a campaign of forced mass starvation.

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