Wednesday, May 20, 2009

RIP Lux Interior

I somehow missed the late, great Lux Interior's death, 62 wonderful years, back in February. I saw the Cramps about 5 years ago here in Portland at this beautiful old venue, "The Crystal Ballroom." It was just after I got divorced, and my ex--who left me, hadn't yet figured out that the parting wasn't mutual--had just called me to tell me that he had met someone he liked oh-so-much better than me; (my current love tells me he was similarly clueless when ending his first relationship, so please understand ... but yet, I was, well, heartbroken doesn't begin to cover it.) I left work wearing my oh-so-business suit without changing into appropriate Portland attire; three bands were on prior to the Cramps; two or three times (it seemed like many more) random people came up to me and said "are you OK?" Everyone at the venue was much younger than me, to grant the concerned some courtesy, and not wearing suits; but, needless to say, it didn't improve my mood. Did I mention that someone yelled at me, as I walked to the venue "CHEER UP?"

The Cramps came on. Lux, twelve years older than me, rocked the leopard spandex; Poison Ivy, the guitarist, equally perfect. Did I mention that they were a couple for 35 years? Rumor has it that he picked her up hitchhiking, and the rest was history.

Everything I like in music: funny, rather louder than required, Psycho-rockabilly punk, literate; and, of course, stilettos!!!!

Thank you Lux; my best thoughts, such as they are, P. Ivy.

Love, djinn


Steve said...

Awww, that was nice. Funny, I remember when going through my divorce, I saw Mitch Hedberg a couple times during those confusing months. So when I head he died, I was pretty sad. Funny how we relate a more or less random show and the decision to go with our experiences of the time.

djinn said...

Yes, certain shows carry resonance beyond their ostensible, uh show quality. But still, the Cramps, whom I'd known (from pirate radio and scratchy vinyl) for years (years earlier, to be honest) was a revelation, a reason to live, a reason to revel in my accessory fetish, a reason to grow old with style. Thank you Lux.