Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Actual child vs. NOM child

The National Organization for Marriage (whose founder, Maggie Gallagher, currently gets 42% of the fundraising essentially deposited directly into her bank account) has a shiny new ad, where we are warned about the dangers of, and I kid you not, our kids "learning a new way of thinking." I didn't realize thinking, even, heavens, new thinking, was so very very dangerous. I wonder what these NOM people think happens in those buildings that kids go to occassionaly, and have the quaint name of "schools?" Oh, and one of the kids admits to that problem we all know is destructive of western culture as we know it--that would be, wait for it, confusion. Yeah. Eeek! Better outlaw Geometry while we're at it. Don't believe me? Watch it yourself. No sniggering now. (Well, some light mocking and derision just can't be helped.)

What are actual children up to? One 3rd grader in Colorado is organizing a pro gay marriage rally after he learned a gay couple in his neighborhood can't get married.

We have a winner! Real children 1, scripted children 0.

(on edit) Whe Calla lily and Apricot blossom were just tykes (about 1991) and we were living in Ann Arbor, MI; I overheard the following: To set the stage, Apricot blossom was playing with two Barbies; they were getting married. Calla Lily stormed in, watched the goings on and the following dialog ensued:
Calla Lily: Those two Barbies can't get married.
Apricot Blossom: Oh yes they can.
Apricot Blossom (for the win) Not when they're wearing swim suits!

My take? Will kids be confused by same sex marriage? Not if the appropriate clothing is involved. I also suspect the presence of cake is more important than the genders of the parties involved.


galen dara said...

Djinn, this is awesome. I'm thinking of linking this post to my facebook. would you be okay with that?

djinn said...

I'm flattered. Thank you. Please go ahead.