Monday, May 18, 2009

The crashing trainwreck that's life in the aught 9's got you down?

Perhaps you need some Slovakian polka nurses!

For your listening enjoyment:

If "Atomik Harmonik Turbo Polka" doesn't cheer you up, uh... how about aging, bow-tie wearing, umbrella-brandishing, banjo-wielding Swedish rappers?


kerfuffler said...

Did you notice them swing dancing to the rap music? At the very end it is clear that that is what they are doing, but the dance moves at T=1:57 and elsewhere are also from swing dancing. (Swing dancing-----especially Lindy-hop-----has been very popular in Sweden for at least the last fifteen years.)

Steve said...

You just made my day and I think am going to steal this! ;-)

djinn said...

K - You're right! Swedish Swing-rap, even better. S - steal ho! After all, what's the point of Youtube?