Saturday, December 6, 2008

What foods are good for you is dependent on who you are.

A large study "with volunteers from across Europe" has shown that your specific genetics determines what type of diet is good for you. Basically, some people do just fine on a high saturated fat diet (the supposedly bad kind; the example given is Irish food), and do not have the expected health improvements when put on a low saturated fat diet (the Mediterranian diet). So eat, drink, and be merry, 'cause who knows what's going on? Me? I'm off for more sausages.


Stephen said...

Some people with ADD, for example, do much better with a low carbohydrate diet, others do much better with a diet that stresses carbohydrates -- depending on genetics.

We are finally starting to really appreciate that we are not all the same.

kerfuffler said...

Now that so many of us are such "hybrids", it will take a lot of individual experimentation to determine what works. I think I'll try that donut.

(I suspect that broccoli is better for me however. Harrumph.)

djinn said...

Broccoli and me sworn enemies!