Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I heard rumors it was Christmastime.

So, in celebration of the season, and in celebration of all things LOLcats (and beyond) I bring you A ScaryDuck Christmas; no ducks, and not scary.

Sample dialog:

Mary O'Nazareth: Hello. I am Mary O'Nazareth and I am excellent. Today, I shall be mostly visiting my boyf Joe Carpenter becoz we r very much in LUB in a proper, chaste manner. Also, I like kittens and ponies

TEH ANGLE OF TEH LORD: Hello. I am TEH ANGLE OF TEH LORD and I am excellent. Let's see if she recognises me...

M. O'Nazareth: Hello TEH ANGLE OF TEH LORD. Sup?

TEH ANGLE OF TEH LORD: Message from upstairs. U R up TEH duff. LOL

M. O'Nazareth: FTW! Will I be havng a puppy? And wait... is that a false beard?

TEH ANGLE OF TEH LORD: Errr... nothing. TEH boss say u hv 2 marry J. Carpenter and call teh baby JEBUS. LOL

M. O'Nazareth: JEBUS? Is he going to be Mexican?


and bonus:

J.Carpenter: Here's three nails, put me up for the night.
Receptionist: LOL, that's an Easter joke, sir.

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