Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Poor Bernie Madoff, he's punished by, uh, being sent to his room/$7,000,000 home.

Bernard Madoff, accused of the largest fraud in U.S. history, will be allowed to remain in his $7 million Park Avenue apartment instead of being sent to jail, under terms of an agreement announced today by federal prosecutors. Found Here.

Words fail.


GrittyPretty said...

what a joke! all the reasons for an uprising are adding up. they better watch out cause we're gonna shout!

also, i'm mad at obama ALREADY. did you hear who he just appointed to head the USDA?

Quimbob said...

How many charities has this jerk wiped out ?
Well, fortunately the menaces who pee in parks will be going to jail.....

djinn said...

Not to mention those scofflaws that sleep under bridges. Jail for them all! ("them all" equals only those with little net worth. See how nice this all works out?)

kerfuffler said...

And I thought I was against waterboarding! Concealing the ill gotten gains (unless he truly lost it all through spectacularly shabby investing) is an ongoing crime and officials should push hard to get as much money back as possible.
Considering the number of lives destroyed, I think he should never get out of jail, that is if we can ever land him in one to begin with.
All his houses should be sold.