Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin gives birth to grandson

Here's Sarah Palin, GOP VP candidate, on March 9th, one month before the "birth" of her fifth child--Trig. Pic. from the Anchorage Daily News.

Here's a very pregnant Sarah Palin seven months before the birth of one of her other children, the first, I believe (AP released it as an undated photo). Notice a difference? One generally get bigger, not smaller, with subsequent births.

More pictures here, since scrubbed from the official Alaskan website 6 (six) full days before she "gave birth."

Plus, she took an at least eight hour flight (8 hours) about twelve hours after she said her amniotic fluid started leaking. Yeah. Knowing she was having a high-risk down's syndrome baby. Then she drove another hour to a non-high risk clinic to give birth, passing by several serious hospitals equipped for such difficult labors.

Or if you prefer, No Fucking (topical, no?) Way. Her daughter Bristol went into labor so mom flew home. How sweet.

Don't forget that her daughter disappeared for 4-5 months prior to the birth.

Above is a scrubbed (thank Google cache) picture of Sarah Palin taken onM arch 13, 2008, when she was supposedly 7+ months pregnant. She's the one on the left with the pink scarf. Notice the belt around the waistline.

In rebuttal, here's the Video being offered to prove that Palin was, indeed, pregnant.

But watch her negotiate the steps at the end of the video. A hormone kicks in that loosens up all of your joints. She does not walk down stairs like a pregnant woman.

For comparison, Here's her daughter pre-assumed pregnancy--Dec. 2006, taken during Palin's nomination.

Here's Bristol after someone gave birth. Notice who's holding the baby (she is) and notice how far out the blanket covering the baby hits on her stomach. Also notice how puffy Bristol's face is.

An interesting Youtube clip with quotes from the stewardesses aboard Gov. Palin's flight bact to Alaska shortly before "giving birth."


mfranti said...

if what you say is true, what would ever maker her think she could get away with lying about it? and why on god's earth would mccain select someone who is so blatantly lying to the world?

oh god!

djinn said...

You obviously haven't been paying attention to the last 8 years of republican politics. Remember those weapons of mass destruction? Plus, as far as I can tell, McCain vetted Palin's, uh, assets, rather than her qualifications.

tamar said...

I allow that it is possible that her pregnancy was a cover-up for her daughter although it is MUCH likelier for a 44 yr old to have a baby with Down syndrome.
In any event, the real reasons she should not be VP are as follows:

She is closed-minded. (Just like Bush.) It's dangerous to be led by people who remain unconvinced by facts and reasoned arguments--- such as the research indicating global warming. She doesn't believe any of it is caused by man. Has she read any of the research? Perhaps only the stuff paid for by the oil companies. She is UNWILLING to believe that man has contributed to this problem because it would be inconvenient for Alaska.

She abuses power. Look at her handling of the case involving her ex-brother-in-law. (She tried to get him fired to help her sister in a custody battle, and then fired the official who refused to do it, and then she lied about it.)


She's a liar. In her speech after McCain introduced her in Dayton, Oh., she said that as governor she had turned down the money for the "bridge to nowhere"; in actual fact, she supported that project until Congress pulled the plug on its funding. She tried to take credit for fighting pork when really, she simply failed to bring home the bacon!

She must have been switched at birth with Cheney's daughter!

djinn said...

She's also a creationist that thinks creationism should be taught alongside evolution in schools, believes in abstinence-only education, and, it appears, was a member of the Alaskan Independence Party "Before she was mayor." All good reasons. But the only issue that I think anyone will care about is the baby one. Plus, apparently a specific pic (which I did not link) and shows a potentially pregnant Bristol, has had its date changed to "2006."

tamar said...

I worry that the baby story will break the barrier that keeps children of politicians protected from random, scandalous attacks. Furthermore, if it turns out that B. is not the mother, it will make all the other relevant issues seem like part of a determined smear campaign that should be ignored. Already I have seen Obama accused of initiating the babygate scandal.

I think it is fine for people to investigate this, but until more substantive proof is available, more emphasis should be placed on other stories.

That said, if found true, this scandal will certainly take the wind out of a certain windbag.

tamar said...

Oh, and Palin's stance on evolution is yet another example of dangerous close mindedness. I am sure she has never given the theory of evolution a chance. I don't like the idea of politicians who make up their minds before looking at the facts. (How did we end up in Iraq?)
Another inconvenient fact for conservatives is that appropriate sex ed. (including information on BIRTH CONTROL and STD's) actually reduces the number of abortions over time.

tamar said...

Looks like it's not B.'s baby after all because she is six or seven months pregnant now!

Too bad her parents only believed in abstinence education with no info on birth control.

mfranti said...

so the reports (how convenient the timing) say her daughter is pg now. have you changed your mind on the orig story?

or do you believe it's just shiny keys designed to distract?

it doesn't explain how she didn't explain how ms. p didn't look pg in those pics at 7 mos pregnant.

i don't know what to think.

djinn said...

I think, as the whole matter could have been cleared up by producing some, you know, evidence of the Governor giving birth (statement from attending Gynecologist, birth certificate, etc.) that it's just a coverup (how bizarre is that) and that Bristol will have a miscarriage.

Besides, that very long plane ride + long car ride all when supposedly leaking amniotic fluid + giving birth in small hospital, is just too strange.

djinn said...

Pic of Bristol Palin from July.

mfranti said...

i don't think that pic your linked to shows much.

but I've been thinking a miscarriage will happen. and then poof, everything goes away.

so here's the deal...if all this blows up in their faces and it turns out that the ds baby is really the daughters, i will say she's a lousy parent.

mfranti said...

Besides, that very long plane ride + long car ride all when supposedly leaking amniotic fluid + giving birth in small hospital, is just too strange."

has she explained that yet?

djinn said...

She hasn't explained anything, but she apparently has very very close ties to the hospital where she went to be "delivered."

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