Thursday, August 28, 2008

McCain's Column Problem

From Democratic Underground.

The McCain campaign Wednesday released a memo mockingly titled, "Proper Attire for the Temple of Obama (The Barackopolis)," a reference to the classical stage design in place for his speech. The campaign is already prepared to pull the trigger on ads spun out of the Invesco Field event.

"We'll put it in play against him," said McCain spokesman Brian Rogers.
From Here.

What, do you suppose is the proper attire for the Temple of Bush?


tamar said...

It shows just how hard it is for the Republicans to find something genuinely wrong with Obama for them to be making fun of the use of columns in his backdrop. Most of our civic buildings (courthouses, libraries, post offices ....) use the Greek inspired columns in recognition of democracy's roots. What should Obama have built instead, a castle with a moat, the bridge of a starship, a set from Land of the Giants with looming mushrooms ( I'm picturing red with white spots), or how about a yurt?

Perhaps McCain's backdrop will feature an oil rig, a column of tanks or perhaps even Munchkinland with a yellow brick road. In any event he still won't know where to lead this country. We're not in Kansas anymore.

Stephen said...

Sackcloth and ashes obviously (answering the question about the Temple of Bush and proper attire).

djinn said...

And we have a winner!