Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Your defect is a propensity to hate everybody

The inadvertently untrustworthy narrator is one of the joys of fiction. Who can forget Mr. Collins in Pride and Prejudice who holds such a high opinion of himself:

"My dear Miss Elizabeth, I have the highest opinion in the world of your excellent judgment in all matters within the scope of your understanding." Dear reader feels slightly different. Dear readers, a host  of Mr./Mrs. Collinses! (Hostess, acually; as proper ladies I'm sure they would insist on the gendered form.)  Here is a sample:
"I hope she forgives me my judgment. It comes from a place of love.”

I think I'm going to adopt that as my new meme. Even though it has this slight hint of the off-color; like that time we heard, from a nearby campfire, someone singing "Jesus, come unto me."

(Judgmental--but only because she comes from a place of love--lady to the left.  On edit, this isn't really fair to Emily, over there.  She isn't cruel, she's just a bit inept.)

Of course I have my own bizarre list of reasons to look down on others.  Groups I feel free to mock:  those that wear polo shirts unironically, those that listen to Herbie Hancock (sorry, George); those unenlightened souls that don't realize the color orange is a neutral; heretics--heretics, I say--that use salted butter.  The list could go on. But my mockery should be forgiven, as it comes from a place of love, the place might even be a McMansion, even.


geebee said...

Back off boogaloo - I don't own a single Herbie Hancock record! I can't help it if he was in the Miles Davis Quintet (no cause for denial there...) But, for what it's worth - that was several decades before the embarrassing Keytar thingy. I'm innocent damn it.

djinn said...

Sorry George. My bad.