Monday, April 11, 2011

I hope we come up with a fail safe plan to piss off the few that forgave us

The Hawaiian Supreme Court in 1993 declared that gay marriage was required by the Hawaiian Constitution. The Mormon Church tried to join the lawsuit in opposition but were not allowed as they didn’t have standing. That is, they wouldn’t be harmed.

The Proclamation on the family was used by the Mormon church to prove to the Hawaiian court, and provided in its entirety as an appendix, that preventing gay marriage was an essential feature of Mormonism. The timing is such that it appears that the proclamation was written to provide standing to the Hawaiian court.

From the the LDS church amicus brief in Baehr v. Miike against gay marriage in Hawaii:

 “A decision by this Court to strike down the requirement that marriage must be between a man and a woman will substantially and irreversibly weaken this venerable and indispensable institution, and thereby cause great harm to society as a whole. Homosexual marriage is
wrong, both from a moral and social point of view. Its recognition will have grave consequences for every individual, for every family, for every community, for every state, and for American society.”

"Homosexual relationships will not and cannot provide the essential
benefits to society that the traditional family has, and therefore should not be accorded the preferential status of marriage. Recognition of homosexual marriage will trivialize the traditional family - the basic building block of society - thereby having deleterious effects upon society as a whole. At a time when the traditional family needs more protection than ever before, Hawaii's prohibition on homosexual marriage is surely narrowly tailored to further a compelling state interest. This Court should therefore rule in favor of the State.”
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