Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fried Chicken and Sushi

I thought I'd post something not too depressing for a change.   I mean, the sun is shining,  my syringa unknown pink bush, (see below)

is attracting bees, both europeanized and bumble, and miss hummingbird is out.

Plus, a new restaurant, Uchu, that will be serving sushi and fried chicken (!!!!) will be opening soon just a few blocks from our house. I can't wait. Rumor had it that it was to open today, but GeeBee and I just strolled on past and no sushi for me. I really want to see sushi made with rice and a chicken drumstick all wrapped in seaweed, with dots of sriracha. (As an aside, did you know that drumsticks have a butt and a shaft? True Story.) I should be able to think of an amusing name for it, but all I've got is either a "Moon over Tokyo roll", or a "Tombstone Blues roll"; the sushi's not yellow, it's chicken. Sigh.
Or, there's always the McNuggets Roll.

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