Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mick Jagger is a liar.

Goldman Sachs is going down!  And it's about time.  I'm preparing a post, but in the meantime, the Stones are releasing outtakes from one of my favorite albums of all time, "Exile on Main Street."  Just yesterday, George went to "Record Store Day" and purchased a 45 with a supposed outtake from the original Nellcote Mansion sessions--"Plundered my Soul".  (For those of you who are curious, Nellcote Mansion is one of the most beautiful buildings in the south of France and was used as Nazi headquarters for awhile during WWII; Keith Richards rented it and recorded most of Exile there.)

However, it was painfully clear that Mick's vocals on "Plundered my Soul" (listen at your own risk) were recorded very recently for the sad sad reason that he can no longer sing.  He can hit the notes, but that which makes it music is completely gone.  Talk about plundering someone's soul, here's an object lesson in having no soul left.  To add to the irony, another song with a perfectly lovely (an apparently erased and ruined/redone vocal is called "I ain't lyin."  I (djinn here) ain't lying either.  Some spoilsports call it "I ain't signifyin'."

Mick has now gone on record saying that none of the Exile outtakes had original vocals, so he had to rerecord them.  Liar!  Liar! Liar!  Here's "I ain't lying" with a lovely Jagger vocal and an even more lovely Mick Taylor lead originally recorded back in the day.  Enjoy.

We actually have several boots from the Nellcote Mansion sessions that sound amazing, 
such as the one above--
In some of them, Mick sound off the rails; it's a good sound for him. I'm sure he prefers 
something more staid 
and appropriate for his aging audience. Boo! Hiss! I disapprove.

The Stones are currently the best Sones cover band around (that I'm aware of, but they're not
the Stones. Sorry fellas.

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geebee said...

Just goes to show, if you want the real thing you gotta break the law. Excuse me while I go search for more fancy footwear...