Saturday, March 13, 2010

Video of The Rev. Louis Overstreet! Trance Gospel.

I can't believe someone posted this footage of the good Reverend playing at church.

You have to understand; his band consisted of him on baritone, bass drum and electric guitar so organic the music sounds like an intregal part of him, with his four sons on various percussion instruments. See the little kid on washboard, that's his son. When not in church, the five of them would plug into a bar and play out front in their choir robes. It's the only trance-gospel I've ever heard, and I find it entrancingly alluring. Listen. Be happy. Did I mention I'd totally go to his church? In an instant.

Just a dash more of the Reverend to take us out; no video this time--I'm thrilled there's at least a bit.


james said...

Baptize me here and now

djinn said...

Speak it brother!

djinn said...

I can't believe I haven't given you a cd of the good Reverend. His widow used to live just a few blocks from my house in Portland.

Unknown said...