Saturday, January 23, 2010

An Eunice Kathleen Waymon, uh Nina Simone song to lift my spirits.

I love chamber-punk, and now I've discovered chamber-soul. Happiness.

Wikipedia informed me not only about her real name, but that Ms. Simone was 27 when the above clip was recorded. She looks about 17.

I've been mulling a post about how the Supreme Court just legalized bribery, but I find it too depressing to write. So, yet more music.

Here's the Who on the Ed Sullivan Show. The back story here (wait to the end) is that this show (for reasons that will become obvious) permanently damaged Pete Townsend's hearing. And Keith needed a band-aid.

Off to think deepish thoughts. Or listen to more music.

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kerfuffler said...

Boy, Simone's piano riffs are so contrapuntal-----every now and then you'd swear it was Bach!