Monday, June 29, 2009

Dresden Dolls vs. Michael Jackson

Amanda Palmer, of the Dresden Dolls, performed this majestic version of "Billie Jean" the night Michael Jackson died. I confess to never particularly liking this song, but Amanda's version is sweet and heartbreaking.

And just because one Dresden Doll video isn't enough, my favorite Black Sabbath cover ever (other than the five or so bars the Replacements played one night).

I bring you War Pigs! Turns out piano and drums is just what Ozzy would have ordered, if we wasn't so busy biting the head off bats, or echolocating, or trying to see through his runny mascara, or buying big-ass crosses, or something.


Amy said...

Wow. I loved that. Thanks for sharing it.

djinn said...

Amy!!! So thrilled that you dropped by! Hope to meet you and your lovely family as soon as I get better.

djinn said...

Cont. Better enought to visit Utah, a state that I really love.

djinn said...

Not to mention your wonderful in-laws.