Sunday, April 26, 2009

Just Looking

Recently I was able to find a few items on E-Bay that have sentimental value for me because they replace items that I grew up with that did not survive my parents' impulse to sell almost everything, every time we moved. Even though they are most assuredly not the very things we sold, I am glad to have these pieces of my past restored.

Although I also saw that lots of people try to sell all sorts of crud (other people's treasured mementos?) I discovered that it can also be an interesting museum----as long as you promise yourself not to buy anything! I love seeing some of the wonderful old things that people have made all without the fuss of finding a parking space or standing in line to pay for admittance. And it's open 24-7!

Check out some of these items.

This wonderful penguin is a heavy doorstop.

This silver topped cranberry glass perfume vial is about 3 inches tall. Surprisingly, gold is the addition to glass that makes it that luscious deep pink color.

This item is called an epergne, or a table centerpiece, and it stands 16" tall. It is made of 'vaseline' glass which means it is made with uranium and is slightly radioactive. Check out what it looks like under a black light! (It also has some cranberry glass at the edge.)

But of course you do run across a lot of dubious kitsch like this vase in the shape of a pig's head. Don't let your preconceptions fool you however! Turns out this little porker is rare----or so they say. I'll continue to follow the conventional wisdom of avoiding rare pork. How about you?

So, enjoy looking. Just try not to spend too much!


djinn said...

Lovely; esp. the radium one. Not only a lovely centerpiece but a cancer cause/cure!

kerfuffler said...

I like the radioactive one too! I kind of wish that I had bid on it, but on the other hand would I really want to have to dust it for the rest of my life?

I read that the radioactivity of vaseline glass is very, very weak, and therefore not really a menace.