Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy (or something) Führerstodestag -- Hitler's 69th death day!

Yep. 69 years ago today, Hitler shot himself. Yay! Cake for all.

To celebrate, the only funny bit about Hitler I have ever seen. Mr. "Hilter" living in a B&B in Somerset, England. "Telephone for you, Mr. Hilter; It's that nice Mr. Goering. He says he's found a place you can rent bombers by the hour."

ps. Did you know that Hitler had massive problems with flatulence?


Anonymous said...

trust me, this is HILARIOUS, but if you don't surf you'll need some translation: a mini-gun is a kind of surfboard well suited for waves in Indonesia. Hitler's custom shaper promised to make him one for the trip, but now seems to be unable to deliver. Hitler is left with boards that are the wrong size and shape and will not work. Mayhem ensues as Hitler complains about the kinds of things cranky old surfers love to complain about.


djinn said...

What do you know; two hilarious Hitler skits.

djinn said...

Plus have to love the lip-synch mastery.