Monday, March 2, 2009

Missing White House Emails Found in the Chattanooga Choo-Choo?

Look What I found on the magical internets!!!!

The Locust Fork News Journal has discovered the location of back-up copies of the missing White House Emails!!!!! (Rubs hands together while cackling.) They're in Chattanooga, TN

I located this link while reading through a comment thread about the clearest case of illegal Governmental wiretapping out there that happened right here in the lovely, if somewhat damp, state of Oregon, the al Haramain case. Here. I recommend everyone to read, at least, the original post. Shortish, to-the-point, fascinating.

Oh, and the post and the brilliant brilliant comment thread, which includes two lawyers involved in the case, clearly spell out the problems with the war-on-terror and more specifically, warrentless wiretapping, that is, if the President makes a mistake he/she can simply classify the documents as state secrets and get off scott-free.

Obama administration, you filed a brief reiterating the Bush doctrine that the PREAZ RULZE!!!1!!!! What? 3 prongs (legislative, executive, judicial), OH NOES, you wrong. In non LOLCAT, the Obama admin has been siding with the Bush admin aka the idea that the president trumps the other two prongs of our gov't. Totally. If the President says that documents are secret, who are we mere Judges to disobey him? No No No No NO NO NO.

So depressing. I'm really afraid that Obama got a taste of power and thought, OOOhhh yummy!

This post is sort of a mess, sorry, so much to say, so few words.

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