Monday, February 7, 2011

Portland, oh Portland, or "more dum circles" and "Nude computer repairmen"

Below is an actual ad posted on Craigslist. I love my city. Ad starts NOW!.... !

600 Artistic, dorky and geeky gay couple seeks friendly home (central SE / NE)

We moved / moved back to Portland in early November and found a lovely home in the Division / Hawthorne area, and have very much enjoyed being here, but our roommates are all moving out, so we are seeking our next house in this lovely city.

Atom is a photographer, who loves hand drumming and cooking, and is hoping to find more dum circles.

Duncan is nude computer repairman, who loves reading blogs, taking very long walks across town, and biking around.

We both love our bikes, and we have three of them we will be bringing into the home. We also love dogs, and ideally our roomies would have one or more, as we do not.

To see the original go here

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steampunkpainter said...

"nude computer repairman" < most interesting job of the week.